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As toddlers, the two brothers even before mastering the art of producing words properly, the subtle habit of scribbling with chalks on random places and surfaces was noticed by their guardians. At the tender age of two and half years, the art of drawing started along with schooling simultaneously. An alumni of Hare School, having secured highest marks in Humanities stream, both the brothers - Saunak and Sauvik, have completed their graduation in History Hons. with flying colors from Scottish Church College. After this, they completed their post graduation in Modern History and once again jointly obtained a good ranking from the prestigious Calcutta University.

In addition to this, they also collaboratively completed courses in Fine Arts, Commercial Art, Computer Graphics and multimedia studies respectively. Also, from an early age, Saunak first took his music lessons from his mother as a Guru and later in life, from various other famous Gurus, while, Sauvik took his Keyboard lessons from the most celebrated Gurus ever.

Subsequently,multifarious styles of Sarawati Puja were introduced under the aegis of their drawing centre - Saunavik. Saunavik first introduced the Theme Song of Saraswati Puja on the lyrics and tune of Saunak. Due to their love and fervour for Durga Puja, the outward manifestation of their artistic practice is universal today. For the last 18 years, they are now professionally engaged as Graphic designers.Being the proud owners of National and International Awards professionally, both Saunak and Sauvik are highly enriched today.

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